FAQ – GlybetaC Aerostimulator
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Frequently Asked Questions

+ - Is GlyBetaC safe to Use?

Yes. GlyBetaC Aerostimulator is produced strictly keeping in mind safety aspects of patients.

It is made as per the guidelines / safety standards laid down by:

• American Conference of Governmental and Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH)

• International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP)

• World Health Organization.

• IRPA (Geneva)

• Bureau of Radiation and Medical Devices, Canada and many others.

These guidelines are published by INIRC on their website www.icnirp.de/ documents/ ultrasound. pdf detailing the exposure limits, frequencies, etc.

+ - What is the benefit of GlyBetaC if it cannot replace medication?

GlyBetaC Aerostimulator is not intended to replace medication but to enhance cell permeability and thus improve the efficiency of medication.

+ - Have you tested GlyBetaC? If yes, what are the results?

Yes, we have tested GlyBetaC. Our findings suggest that it can help you manage the effectiveness of anti–diabetic medication in regulating blood glucose levels. It is observed that after using GlyBetaC, glucose levels are stabilizedin a few days.

+ - How often can I use GlyBetaC?

You can use GlyBetaC on alternate days 40 minutes after taking dinner

+ - What is the guarantee period for GlyBetaC?

GlyBetaC is guaranteed for a period of 1 year.

+ - How will I know if GlyBetaC is not working?

You cannot hear ultrasound or feel any vibrations coming from the machine. However, if you hear any unusual sound coming from the machine or there is no change in your blood glucose levels after exposure to GlyBetaC, it means the machine is not working.

+ - What will happen if a non-diabetic person sits in the room?

GlyBetaC does not have any side effects so it won’t affect a non-diabetic sitting in the room when the machine is on. However, it is advised that stimulation is taken only by diabetics.

+ - Are there any food restrictions when using GlybetaC?

There are no additional food restrictions on account of using GlyBetaC. You can continue with your usual diet as prescribed by your doctor

+ - How effective is GlyBetaC on different kinds of diabetics?

There will be some variations in effect, depending on the level of diabetes.

+ - Do I have to use any specific brand of diabetic medication if I am using GlyBetaC?

No. You can continue with the same medication as prescribed by your Doctor.

+ - During stimulation sessions, at what distance from GlyBetaC should I sit?

Sit at a distance of 5 feet from GlyBetaC.

+ - What will happen if I sit at a distance of more than 5 feet or less than 5 feet?

Transducer of GlyBetaC is designed for proper dispersion of sound waves. If you sit at a distance of less than 5 feet, your entire body may not be able to receive the full spectrum of sound waves and there will be a lot of wastage. And if you sit at a distance of more than 5 feet, sound waves will disperse in other areas and not come in contact with your body. You can compare this with the principle of taking a shower bath. If you are very close to the shower, only certain areas get wet and if you stand at a longer distance then there is wastage of water which does not come in contact with your body.

+ - Can the rooms be open?

No, the stimulation sessions need to be conducted in a closed room. The area where GlyBetaC is being used should be closed as to have maximum bouncing effect of sound reflections, since it works on the principle of sound reflection. Ultrasound travels in straight lines and can have bouncing effect.

+ - What should I do if the GlyBetaC goes wrong?

Stop using the machine if you hear any unusual sound coming from it and if there is no change in blood glucose levels. Get in touch with MASER for immediate service.

+ - What will happen if I use GlyBetaC for more than 10 minutes?

There will not be any major change in your glucose levels. Therefore it is advisable to use GlyBetaC only for 10 minutes.

+ - What will happen if GlyBetaC goes on for more than 10 minutes and I continue to remain in the room?

Nothing will happen even if GlyBetaC goes on for more than 10 minutes. But if you forget to put off the machine, it will shut off automatically after 10 minutes. To restart the machine, you must switch it on again from the mains.

+ - Do I have to consult my doctor before using GlyBetaC?

You can consult the doctor before using GlyBetaC.

+ - What will happen if I stop using GlyBetaC?

You won’t experience the effectiveness of GlyBetaC. Your glucose levels will change and therefore you will need to change your intake of medicines.

+ - Can GlyBetaC be used by different people having diabetes and living in the same home?

Yes, GlyBetaC can be used by different people having diabetes and living in the same home.

+ - What are the side effects of GlyBetaC?

There are no known side effects GlyBetaC.

+ - Will my body become used to ultrasound after prolonged use of GlyBetaC?

No. GlyBetaC has continuously variable and pulsed frequencies, as such the body will not become used to sound waves coming from it.