Concept of AVIMFUS – GlybetaC Aerostimulator
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Concept of AVIMFUS

The concept is conceived & designed by Dr. T. S. Ramchandran who is the managing director of Maser Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, India. He has been doing research for more than 35 years in the field of airborne ultrasound for the treatment of Type II diabetic related ailments in human subjects.

Holistic healing approaches & other research indicates that cells / organs / living organisms respond to their surroundings. Whether it is the outside or within organism or cell. In fact, it has been shown that a slight change in pH-levels within a cell can switch ‘On’ a certain protein synthesis and switch ‘Off’ another for the same function. For example, a carcinogen is needed to trigger a change in a healthy cells behaviour and make it start expressing proteins which turn the cell cancerous. If an unhealthy change in environment can alter the state of a cell, then the converse should be true too. A healthy environment should trigger a healthy change.

The autonomic nervous system(ANS) is a control system that acts largely unconsciously and regulates bodily functions such as the heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, pupillary response, urination, and sexual arousal etc. We do not have much control on our heart rate or breathing. But a soothing melody can lower our heart rate, hearing a loud explosion can make us skip a beat and lions roar can make a person urinate, a seductive voice can cause arousal of the sexual organs.

It seems sound and vibrations can bypass the conscious mind and have a direct effect on autonomic nervous system thus releasing regulatory hormones and enzymes and thus changing the internal environment with a change in the external environment.

Studies show that music can lower B.P., basal metabolism and respiration rate, which lessens the physiological responses to stress. Other studies show music increases production of endorphins which are natural pain relievers and S-Ig A (Salivary Immuno Globulin -A) which speeds healing, reduces the danger of infection and controls heart rate. Music has been proved to be effective in the key medical areas such as pain, anxiety, and depression that is mental, emotional and physical handicaps. We will try to understand the physiological effects of sound waves on the human body.

In a healthy body, the neurons are transmitted freely, uninterrupted through an intricate network of nerves. Sensory information is relayed through the spinal nerves, to the spinal cord, basal regions of the brain and the thalamus. The signals are relayed secondarily to other parts of the system to begin analysis and processing of information. After integrating these, the control of bodily activities takes place. These nerves connect specific internal organs with pathways in the outer skin. There are numerous receptors along these pathways and comprise of two paths. The internal pathway connects specific internal organs, travels inside the body and links up with the external pathway where these stimulating receptors are located. Thus, this is a closely knit circuit, and conducts the neurons in a definite direction in the form of impulses.

There are many special receptors which sense pain, heat, light, sound and taste which exist on the surface of eyes, ears, tongue and other parts of the body. When each receptor gets stimulated with the help of AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) waves which are specially designed to penetrate human body, an impulses or action potential is evoked in the nerve cells which are the receptors. These impulses are transmitted to the spinal cord and the brain causing a sensation or a perception. On the other hand, from the brain and the spinal cord, impulses are transmitted retrogressively through another kind of nerve, called the motor nerve, to each part of the body’s muscles so that all the organs can work well. These impulses or action potential of the nerves are generated because of the instantaneous action of the ions moving between the inside and outside of the nerve cell. Subsequently, these nerve fibres transmit this action. When various kind of stimulation, like pain, heat, sound etc., are given to these receptors from outside the body, the nerves react to them, i.e.  the character of the wall of the nerve cells change. They lose their electrical balance and the voltage or action potential will rise instantly which is transmitted in a wave-form to the spinal cord through the nerve fibres, and then to the brain where it causes various perceptions, such as pain, heat, sound, etc. After each excitement is over, voltage comes back to its original state. The movement of the ions in this restorative stage is caused by the nerve cells after the depletion of their natural energy (ATP) in taking in K+ ions and pushing out Na+ ions with force. Thus, nerve cells generate electricity by the movement of K+ ions and Na+ ions between nerve fibres, and electricity is transmitted to the brain in the form of impulses.

AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) can generate mixed frequency sound waves progressively and influence nerve stimulations. By using AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) the nerves can be excited as the stimulation is given to the receptors using air as a medium. This activates the central nerves of the brain, the spinal cord, and then stimulates the nerves to produce various hormones or enzymes. Sometimes this process gives a psychological influence to the patient, causing a reaction on the whole body. It is considered that a polyhedral reaction take place in the central nervous system of the brain resulting into the desired effect. Another reasonable theory is that there may exist many routes from the sensory nerves to the autonomic nerves, and when sensory nerves feel the stimulations from the ultra sound pulses, it causes various reactions in the whole body through these routes. Therefore, the positive effect of these AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) involve the sensations from the peripheral nerves or the perception from the cerebrum, but the most important things is the overall sequential reactions caused by the stimulations.

It should be kept in the mind that even though AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) does not transmit electricity into the body, the action potential impulses created due to  ultrasound waves helps in generating electricity on the same basis as that of the nerve cell.

AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) waves which are sinusoidal biphasic spikes whose capacity to penetrate human skin compares well with that of diagnostic X-rays. They can reach the human tissue and stimulate the receptors. The varying multiple frequencies ensure that the body tissues do not develop any immunity to any specific frequency. The frequency bands can be wide enough to allow a variety of wave forms while retaining their sinusoidal biphasic spike character.

It is also established that,

  1. Through repetitive stimulations of the nervous system unused or little used nerve circuits could possibly become effective after degeneration of the previously functional nerve pathways.
  2. Sprouting of new synapses from nearby intact nerve fibres is also observed explaining the synaptic changes.
  3. There is a re-establishment of the transmissions and the dynamic changes at the synaptic levels of the central nervous system.
  4. Medial reticular formation of the mid- brain contains pain reacting cells and it appears to play a role in producing analgesia.
  5. There is an inhibitory inter re-action in the thalamus between the incoming impulses from the receptors and the various stress relieving and sleep inducing impulses/signals.

It is a well-researched fact that every healthy living organism / cell resonates within a frequency range band. Also, for unhealthy / sick cells the frequency range/band changes. In other words, it offsets and the cells lose their vibrancy and vitality.

Another set of studies have shown the converse to be true. Imposing external electromagnetic stimulation like radio waves can force / disturb the normal healthy cell function and throw it out of resonance and eventually causing cell lyse.

AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) waves has the ability to penetrate human tissue e.g. Ultrasound imaging of the womb / fetus etc.

Lower the ultrasound frequency, means higher penetration and wider area of coverage.

Apart from the above it is also established that AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) is a system, method and apparatus for alternative, non-invasive treatment of diabetes, especially for improving Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Elimination of Drugs as well as improving beta cell function in patients with type 2 diabetes who are on medications to restore normal blood glucose levels.

The mechanical effects of AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) modifies cell membrane permeability leading to different rates of transports of ions and molecules across the cell membrane.

AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) works on the Thermal and Non Thermal principles of Ultrasound physics known as Cavitations, Acoustic Streaming, Sonoporation, and Sonophoresis and are the possible mechanism for enhanced tissue permeability. The airborne ultrasound effects help release of insulin from pancreatic beta cells.

Low frequency ultrasound energy using quartz crystal technology generates microbubbles in water and lipid bilayers of the skin.

Increases the permeability of cell membranes to the drugs by the process of acoustic streaming and sonophoresis through mechano transduction.

Improves the action potential of drugs.

Improves glycemic control.

Studies have also established that the therapeutic use of AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) Induce, Improvise, Regain, Rebuild, Repair, alter/reset and treat diseased human immunological system there by improving Heamatological, Histological, Pathological, Biochemical & Biomedical parameters of diseased human body and also induce remedial natural disease-free health. It will also help increase Vitamin D & Calcium levels in human subjects and also help in reduction of Alpha Glucosydase levels. Clinical studies have proven that AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) is very effective in treatment of Diabetic foot ulcer, Venus ulcer and all other types of wounds. Can be useful for drug delivery of larger molecules such as B6/B12 and absorption of the same. Also, very useful for better management of diabetes and associated vascular and cardio vascular complications. It may have potential in preventing the future onset on diabetic nephropathy, neuropathy, retinopathy and other associated complications because of poor glycemic control and help in relieving stress and help management of sleep related disorders.

Studies have also shown that due to proper management of Diabetes with AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) following benefits can occur.

  1. Regulated Homocystien Metabolism
  2. Regulated Vitamin D and Calcium Metabolism
  3. Improving Immune Profile
  4. Relieving stress and management of sleep related disorders.

When Vitamin B6/B12 absorption is increased overall reduction in inflammation in the body comes down. Hence absorption of calcium and vitamin D is increased. This results in reduced resistance to Peripheral insulin. Reduction in alpha and beta cell dysfunction. Increases insulin production. Better glycemic control improves reduction and reversal of neuro and muscular degeneration in the body.

Hyperhomocystenemia play a key role in the development of diabetes and associated complications. A marked retardation in plasma homocysteine level was noticed in combined (AVIMFUS + Drugs) therapy compared with patients treated only with conventional drug. Vitamin D deficiency is most commonly observed in diabetic patients, which is one of the most important risk factors responsible for development of various vascular complications among those patients. The Airborne AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) exerted beneficial effects in patients perhaps through glycemic control, anti-inflammatory, anti- oxidant and homocysteine lowering effects and increase in calcium, Vitamin D levels.

Using the above founding principles/concept we can use a specially designed AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) device which can create a vibrational environment to stimulate the cells of the human body into a healthier or nascent (default) state using AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound).

Employ a ‘Fake it until you make it’ approach. The AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) waves can engulf the patient from all directions and create a vibrational environment to mimic and superimpose a healthy cellular resonance which would normalize the intracellular functioning of the cell.

Once the cell functions normalize, cells would automatically reach healthy self-resonance.

The stimulation time should be optimum so as not to over stimulate the cells.

AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) should bi-directional (forward and reverse) low frequency ultrasound carrier sweep with an encapsulated bi-directional (forward and reverse) sonic frequency sweep.

Both the ultrasound and sonic sweep frequency ranges can cover the natural resonant frequency range of the human body as a whole and at cellular level.

The bi-directional sweep rates can be in sync and within the range of normal heart and breathing rhythms.

The output sound power level (SPL) should be at a non-disruptive low intensity. Like background/lounge music.

AVIMFUS (Airborne Variable Intensity Multi Frequency Ultrasound) should not be in contact with human body and should be placed at optimised distance from the patient.

Safety first-The intensity (amplitude) and frequency range of ultrasound device should be well within and below the various recommended international safety standards & guidelines for non-ionizing radiation equipment for exposure to humans.